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“Forever” by Judy Blume October 2, 2011

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Blume, Judy. Forever. New York: Simon Pulse, 1975. 192 pp. ISBN: 1416934006

Forever cover

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Katherine isn’t the kind of girl who has a boyfriend in high school, until she meets Michael and plunges into a special love she is sure will last forever. Michael is caring and sweet, and very much wants to take this relationship all the way.

This story is beautiful and timeless in its simplicity. A girl meets a boy and loves the boy. He fills her whole world and together, they enter into a sexual relationship. They promise each other that what they have found is forever. However, after some time apart, they both learn what so many have learned before them – forever is a very long time.

Blume’s writing flows easily. Part of the enduring appeal of the book is that Katherine’s first love is a good one. Aside from a few spats and misunderstandings, nothing goes wrong. She is sweet to Michael. He is good to her. It is an accurate portrayal of how love can wash over a person and carry them away. There is a life lesson in the flow of the story, but it is gently rolled out and does not take away from the joy the characters find in their plunge into romance.

Awards/Honors (source:

  • Margaret A. Edwards Award, 1996

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