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“You Are My Only” by Beth Kephart February 10, 2012

You Are My Only cover

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The Facts:

Published October 2011; 240 pages.

The Basics: 

Sophie lives a lonely life with a mother who never allows her to leave, who controls all her choices, and moves them whenever she thinks the No Good might be close to finding them. Emmy was young and loved her Baby. She only left her for a moment to run inside for a blanket. Thirteen steps up. Thirteen steps down. Baby was gone. In alternating chapters, we watch as Sophie risks everything to reach out to the boy next door, and Emmy unravels in the desperate search for her beloved Baby.

Book Talk:

Sophie doesn’t know why. She doesn’t know why her mother has always kept her locked in the house. She doesn’t know why it’s so important that she create the perfect model of a icosahedron. She doesn’t know what exactly is the “No Good” her mother is always running from when the move and move and move again. What she does know about is that the curly haired boy next door with his noisy dog. She knows he is worth sneaking and lying – just a little – to spend time in his cozy home where they bake cookies every day and plan grand adventures.

Emmy doesn’t know what happened. She just went inside for a moment. And now her Baby is gone and she can’t go look for her because they’ve locked her in this place, this hospital and she has nothing to hold onto.

Darting between these two, the chapters tell a story about what happens when things unravel.