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“Planesrunner” by Ian McDonald March 18, 2012

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Planesrunner cover

Image courtesy of GoodReads

The Facts:

Published December 2011; 274 pages; #1 in the Everness series.

The Basics:

Everett Singh is the son of the theoretical physicist who first proved the existence of parallel universes, and was then kidnapped by power hungry criminals from another plane. Everett finds himself in control of the key to inter-universe transport. Desperate to save his father, he plunges into the plenisphere and into an amazing adventure.

Book Talk:

Everett Singh has always been able to think in multiple planes, to see patterns other people miss. When his father – theoretical physicist Tejendra Singh – is grabbed before his very eyes and spirited away to E4 (we live in E10), Everett is left to sort out the mystery of the Infundibulum—the map of all the parallel earths, discovered and refined by Tejendra.

On an inter-universal quest to save his father, Everett allies himself with Sen Sixsmyth, an airship pilot from the lofty and slightly sub-class Airish culture of E4 London. The agile pair take on evil-doers of every description, digging ever deeper into the mysteries of the plenisphere.

Random Thought:

I feel like the cover of this book does it a disservice. The image is a little cheesy, but the story is a top-notch, well-told adventure that would be highly entertaining to readers of many ages and both genders.


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