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“Withering Tights” by Louise Rennison March 19, 2012

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Withering Tights cover

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The Facts:

Published June 2011; 288 pages.

The Basics:

Tallulah Casey is off to the Yorkshires for the summer, staying with a solid and enthusiastically quirky family, and surrounded by zany girlfriends who are also learning the basics of drama. Extremely worried about the knobbiness of her knees and her lack of visible boobs, Tallulah is about to make a fool of herself – again and again – in pursuit of the theater arts and boys. Of course, boys.


Louise Rennison’s genius is in her skill at making gentle fun of her main character and, in turn, imbue Tallulah with howlingly funny observations about everyone around her. Tallulah Casey is thoroughly charming, totally awkward, and does not display the least talent for serious theater. But she dances one heck of a jig, balancing the demands of theater camp with an ongoing effort to massage her breast buds  into a growth spurt, hatch and mother an owl, and survive the shock of her first kiss.

Who needs Heathcliff when Tallulah’s on the prowl?


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