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“Interrupted: A Life Beyond Words” by Rachel Coker March 31, 2012

Interrupted cover

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The Facts:

320 pages; published February 2012

The Basics:

Alcyone (Allie) Everly’s world revolves around her mother and the quiet life they share, gardening, housekeeping, and reading Emily Dickinson. When her mother’s memory and health disintegrates, Allie finds herself alone and shipped off to Maine to be adopted by a kindly widow. Determined to stay loyal to her mother’s memory, Allie turns inward, rejecting the care and love offered in her new home.

Book Talk:

Can you imagine how scary it would be – at age 10 – to have your mother’s memory start to come and go? Can you image how sad it would feel – at age 14 – to find yourself alone in the world and shipped off to be adopted by a total stranger? Alcyone Everly doesn’t want a new mother or a new home. She wants to go back to protecting and helping the mother she loved. She hides within the pages of the journal she still writes to her mother and pushes everyone away, even the neighbor boy who has loved her and been loyal to her all her life. Her adoptive mother continues to pray that with God’s help she can soften Allie’s heart. Will it be possible to restart this life that was Interrupted?

Random Thought:

This is a sweet, gentle story that holds no real surprises, but the writing is solid and it’s a enjoyable first effort from a 16-year-old debut author.


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