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“There is No Dog” by Meg Rosoff May 1, 2012

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There is No Dog cover

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The Basics

256 pages; published January 2012

The Facts

The universal powers made a big mistake when they chose Bob – a lazy, selfish 19-year-old whiner – to be the God of the new planet Earth. He couldn’t be bothered to work more than six days on the creation project, and has since pretty much loafed around leaving all the management and administration to his long-suffering, but steady assistant, Mr. B. After thousands of years of Bob’s increasingly bad behavior, the situation is catastrophic and Mr. B. has had about enough.

Book Talk

It’s going to be a long summer. God, aka truculent, over-sexed 19-year-old Bob, is in love. His outpouring of uncontrolled emotion is affecting the weather in the worst way. Between the wild temperature shifts, the torrential downpours, and flooding, his creations are really suffering. But Bob is using to leaving all that relief of suffering and prayer answering work to his assistant, Mr. B. Meanwhile, Bob is busy pursuing Lucy, a delightful assistant zookeeper who stays just enough out of his grasp to keep him interested. A kindly vicar is pining equally for Lucy’s mother. Mr. B wants out entirely. All the while, Bob’s only pet – the last of the Ecks – is suffering a catastrophe of his own having been gambled away by Bob’s flaky mother who has promised he’ll make good eatin’. And what is to be done about the whales?

Random Thoughts

This book is pretty weird, all in all, but it is entertaining and raises at least a few interesting questions about what kind of God would allow “all this” to happen to Earth.


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