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“Soul Searching: A Girl’s Guide to Finding Herself” by Sarah Stillman May 3, 2012

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Soul Searching cover

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The Basics

162 pages; published January 2012 – new edition from a book originally published in 2000

The Facts

Based on her own journey as a young woman, Stillman offers sensible, straight-talk advice for girls on how to figure out what they really want, believe, and feel. Rather than advocating for a specific mindset, this book explains a broad range of ideas and encourages girls to think for themselves.


Sarah Stillman was just 16 years old when she wrote and published the first edition of this interesting book that encourages girls to set aside society’s hype and expectations and decide who they want to be. Early chapters focus on being calm and thoughtful, and dedicating time to bodily and mental health. Additional chapters offer many ways for girls to explore their core beliefs about themselves, their personal passions, and the larger world. Of particular interest are the final two chapters which in very simple, unbiased terms introduce the major schools of philosophy and religion. Stillman strikes a beautiful balance, providing information and encouragement, but leaving all the room in the world for each reader to decide what makes sense to them.

My Favorite Quote

“Sometimes we forget that the majority isn’t always right.” – page 121


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