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“Revived” by Cat Patrick May 17, 2012

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The Facts

33 pages; published May 2012

The Basics

Daisy has died 5 times – and been brought back to life as part of a top secret, extended FDA review of a drug called Revive. This time, Daisy is 15. This time, when she is renamed and relocated, she makes a true friend, falls in love, and starts questioning the strange circumstances in which she is being raised.


Like most people, Daisy is afraid of death. She’s afraid because she knows exactly what death feels like. It hurts. And coming back from the dead makes her feel just awful for a few days – sleepy with a really bad headache. How does she know? Well, Daisy has been dead five times, starting with a freak bus accident that killed 21 people when she was only four. That bus accident is how Daisy and 13 of the other children killed that day became part of a top secret program to test the drug Revive.

Each time Daisy dies, of course, she has to move and get a new name. This time, she’s Daisy West of Omaha, Nebraska. This time is different. Loner Daisy makes a friend and falls in love, and starts to notice that not everything is quite right inside the Revive program.

Random Thoughts

A fast-paced thriller, Revived also leaves the reader pondering who deserves to live and die Рand who has the right to decide.


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