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“Kill You Last” by Todd Strasser May 23, 2012

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Kill You Last book cover

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The Facts

288 pages; published November 2011

The Basics

Shelby is having a really, really bad week. Or two. Multiple girls who had signed up with her father’s modeling agency/photography studio have gone missing. She can’t believe her dad would have anything to do with it, but then again … she’s starting to find out there may be a lot she doesn’t know (or wouldn’t admit to herself) about her father.


What would you do if you dad was the kind of guy who looks a little too long at your friends chests? Or comments on their looks? Or just seems a little too interested? Shelby Sloan has always kind of ignored it, but now she’s wondering … she wonders if maybe she had told her dad it was kind of creepy, maybe he would have stopped. And maybe it wouldn’t be so easy for everyone at her high school to believe he could be involved when three girls go missing who have had pictures taken by his modeling agency/photo studio. And maybe she wouldn’t be getting weird emails from a mystery person who is clearly enjoying watching her life and her father’s life unravel. She could particularly do without the last message … the one that said: “I like you, Shelby Sloan. If I have to kill you, I’ll kill you last.”


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