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“Guy Langman: Crime Scene Procrastinator” by Josh Berk October 9, 2012

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Guy Langman: Crime Scene Procrastinator cover

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The Facts

240 pages; published March 2012

The Basics

Guy Langman is known for two things – being lazy and being funny. When he joins an after-school Forensics Club to get closer to a pretty girl, he has to deal with a whole mess of surprises – a real crime to solve, some uncomfortable truths about his recently dead father, and unexpected romantic opportunities.


While it may not be the most mysterious of mysteries, Guy Langman is fun to hang out with and he’s funny – laugh-out-loud funny sometimes. In a world where young adult literature tends more toward drama and darkness, humor and hijinks are a welcome surprise.

Basically, Guy just can’t be bothered with much. He’s unmotivated and clowny and has become even more casual about life and school since his father’s recent death. It’s no mystery that he has some things to process about grief and loss – as well as an unexpected gain in the form of learning that he has a long-lost brother. It’s a bit out of character that Guy even joins the new Forensics Club at his school, but then again, his friend convinces him that as a member of said Forensics Club, he may have a shot at the girl of his (current) dreams. When he stumbles across an actual dead body and some actual suspicious activity in his attic, Guy eases out of inaction and does a little highly improbably yet hilarious detecting.

Random Thought

The humor in the book depends heavily on people being amused by jokes about the male anatomy. People looking for more sophisticated wit will have to travel a different path.


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