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“Sparks: The Epic, True Blue, (Almost) Holy Quest of Debbie” by S.J. Adams October 18, 2012

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Sparks cover

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The Facts

256 pages; published November 2011

The Basics

Debbie is desperately in love with her best friend, which was working out OK as a secret until Lisa started dating and Debbie becomes tortured by her loss of status in Lisa’s life. Helped by a quirky pair of classmates, Debbie goes out to find Lisa and declare her feelings.


Debbie is in love. And she didn’t just fall in love. She has been loyal and true and in love with her best friend Lisa since the sixth grade. They’ve done everything together – spent Friday nights watching Full House re-runs, Sundays at church, and their off days at abstinence rallies. All while Debbie has nursed her secret crush.

Everything changed when Lisa started dating Norman, who is hopelessly boring and couldn’t possibly be what Lisa wants, right? Except that now it’s Friday and Lisa has cancelled the Full House marathon to go to a movie – and maybe all the way – with Norman.

Debbie doesn’t know what to do until she is offered a ray of hope by Emma and Tim, off-beat fellow students and founders of the Church of Blue who offer – for the bargain sum of $5 – to lead Debbie on an unpredictable quest to confess her love and stop Lisa before it’s too late.

Random Thoughts

Despite Debbie being the quite likable title character, the zany pair of Emma and Tim and their strangely charming home-grown religion are the lively and memorable element of this sweet, funny book.



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