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“33 Minutes … Until Morgan Sturtz Kicks My Butt” by Todd Hasak-Lowy January 7, 2013

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The Facts

224 pages; published January 2013

The Basics

Sam Lewis is in deep trouble and he knows it. Yesterday, Morgan Sturtz – the same guy who used to be Sam’s best friend – announced that he was going to kick Sam’s butt right after lunch. Just 33 minutes from now. Sam’s got a lot of thinking to do in those 33 minutes.


Sam Lewis is smart – Mathlete smart. His best friend, Morgan Sturtz, is a star on the middle school football team. Wait – did I say best friend? I should have said USED TO BE best friend. Sam and Morgan became best friends way back on the day they worked together to win a big baseball game. Sam and Morgan were best friends just a couple of months ago on The Absolutely Most Amazing Day Ever when they played the most perfect, beautiful game possible of Alien Wars.

But Sam and Morgan aren’t best friends now. Morgan is going to kick Sam’s butt right after lunch – 33 minutes from now – and everyone in the school knows it. Because Morgan and Sam haven’t been the same since Chris moved into town. And now Morgan has done something awful to Sam and maybe Sam has done something pretty awful to Morgan – because Morgan Sturtz is going to kick Sam’s butt.

Can anything save this friendship? Can anything save Sam’s butt?

Random Thoughts

I’ve never met a live Mathlete. For me, they are only the stuff of books and TV shows. Are they real?


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