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“Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Not Reading” by Tommy Greenwald; illustrated by J.P. Coovert February 12, 2013

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Charlie Joe Jackson cover

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The Facts

219 pages; published July 2011

The Basics

Charlie Joe Jackson is determined not to break his perfect non-reading streak, but that’s going to be tough now that his good friend Timmy has decided not to read for him (in exchange for treats) anymore.


Charlie Joe Jackson knows a lot about books. He knows how to avoid them. He knows they make you blind … and fat. He know they’re not as good as sports. But most of all, he knows he doesn’t want to read one. Ever. Never. And Charlie Joe is willing to use all his creativity to scheme, bribe, manipulate, and cajole others into doing his reading for him – even it if costs a fortune in ice cream sandwiches. And let’s not even start on his girl troubles – in love with one that doesn’t love him back; can’t stand the one who loves him; and who knows what’s really up with his best friend.

Charlie Joe Jackson is a funny guy who’s putting it all on the line to make you laugh – and to pass along his best anti-reading tips. It’s a useful guide for anyone who wants to avoid reading. All you have to do is … read this book!

Wait! There’s More

#2 in the series – Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Extra Credit – is also available; Charlie Joe Jackson’s Guide to Summer Vacation is due out in May 2013.


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