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“Delirium” by Lauren Oliver August 26, 2013

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Delirium cover

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The Basics

441 pages; published February 2011

The Basics

Lena is eager to turn 18. She is thrilled that she is nearly old enough to undergo the procedure that will free her from the threat of the worst disease of all – love. But before she can be cured of amor deliria nervosa, she will live one last summer as an uncured. And she will meet Alex, who has hair the color of autumn leaves. And what she learns from him and about him changes everything.


Lauren Oliver has built an amazing world around the idea that love – with it’s ability to take over mind and body, to interfere with rational thought – is a terrible disease which can now be “cured” by a simple procedure which has become mandatory for all citizens age 18 and older. Oliver’s textured writing pulls the reader into the sights, sounds, and smells of a Lena’s existence. Quotes from the new society’s bible, the book of SHHH (Safety, Health, and Happiness Handbook) add memorably amusing twists on current Biblical wisdom, folklore, and culture.

Spirited and bright, Lena nonetheless craves the cure because it will save her from the humiliating fate suffered by her mother – someone for whom the cure failed three times before her mother restored to suicide rather than be “cured” again. She is fully prepared to move forward on her birthday, 95 days in the future, until she meets Alex. Their explosive romance is so fervently written, it is impossible not to hope that love will find a way.

Wait! There’s more …

Delirium is just the first in a delicious and exciting trilogy which finishes with Pandemonium (February 2012) and Requiem (March 2013). Other companion stories have been e-published for devoted fans.

Awards & Honors (source:

  • New York Times bestseller
  • New Atlantic Independent Booksellers Association bestseller
  • #2 Spring Indie Children’s Pick
  • Amazon’s Best Teen Book of the Month for February 2011
  • Book of the Month for March 2011
  • Nominee for Best Fiction for Young Adults discussion by the ALA BFYA
  • Amazon’s 2011 Summer Reading List
  • Amazon’s Best YA Novel of 2011 so far
  • Nominee for YALSA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults 2012

I’ll Recommend this to …

  • Fans of dystopia who like elements of adventure and/or romance
  • Anyone looking for strong female characters
  • Readers who value excellent writing
  • Audiobook fans – I listened to the series on audio. The reader, Sarah Drew, was amazing.

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